IP Telephony
IP Video/Surveillance
a2infinity offers you a high-availability infrastructure; a comprehensive portfolio of voice, video and data capabilities; and superior communications management services.   

Converged Network: Overview

Video surveillance is a necessary part of most school and businesses security strategies, and there are distinct advantages to an IP-based solution. We can also develop an integrated approach that uses existing CCTV cameras.
  • Access video from any Web browser to respond more quickly to an incident
  • Event-searchable footage reduces investigation to minutes from hours
  • With no tapes to manage, data is easily stored and backed up
  • Connect the video feed to local law enforcement and collaborate real time
  • Allows law enforcement officers to access live video feeds from their own laptops
  • Interface perimeter security system to trigger your IP video surveillance system
  • Administer the surveillance system from any location on the network
  • Uses wired or wireless cameras, offering flexibility
  • Installs quickly and quietly
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